Parents’ Rights Translation and Interpretation Services


At SICS every parent has the right to know about their child’s education in the language they understand. Upon enrollment at SICS, a representative will ask you about the language you would like to use when communicating with the school. This helps the school identify language needs so we can provide an interpreter or translated documents, free of charge. 


What can parents/guardians expect? 


At SICS, a parent can expect to be an important part of their child’s education! SICS will communicate with you—in your preferred language—about your child’s education. This can include translated documents and a language interpreter for meetings and conversations.


Parents have the right to these services even if they speak some English and even if their child can speak or read in English.


SICS will communicate with you in your language about important information and opportunities for your child. This includes information about: 


  • Registration and enrollment in school 

  • Grades, academic standards, and graduation

  • School rules and student discipline

  • Attendance, absences, and withdrawal 

  • Parent permission for activities or programs 

  • Health, safety, and emergencies 

  • School closures 

  • Opportunities to access programs or services—including advanced placement and English learner programs

  • Special education and services for students with disabilities 


Meetings and conversations with School Staff


When you make an appointment to meet with teachers or school employees, the school will offer an interpreter if you need one. This includes parent–teacher conferences, meetings about special education, or any other conversations about your child’s education. SICS will use interpreters who understand any terms or concepts that will be used during the meeting. The school will not use students or children as interpreters.


The interpreter should be neutral and should communicate everything said during the conversation. They should not omit or add to what anyone says. The school will make sure interpreters understand their role and the need to keep information confidential. The interpreter might be in-person, virtual, or over-the-phone and may be a SICS freelancer or contractor. 


Written information 


SICS  will translate important written information into the most common languages spoken in your school district. If you receive information that is not in your language, please let the school know if you would like it translated or explained orally in your language.


In-School Interpretation Requests 

  • Interpretation requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date of meeting.

  • Interpretation services are available for both General Education and Special Education events, including but not limited to: parent-teacher meetings, student conferences, screenings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & 504 meetings, school enrollment, dissemination of information specific to school activities and programs, etc.  

  • In emergency instances (e.g., medical emergencies, criminal activities, etc.) ASL interpretation services can be requested via MCDHH with less than 24 to 48-hour notice, but the fulfillment of said request is not guaranteed.

  • Special Education meetings (i.e., IEP & evaluations) should be requested at the earliest known date of the meeting in order to secure services.

  • To eliminate the number of interpretation cancellations or no-shows, event organizers do the following:

    • Confirm parent attendance two days before the scheduled event.

    • If a parent is not attending,  promptly inform the interpreter and the ESL Coordinator, Mrs. Kelsall of the cancellation.  Depending on the contractor/agency being used, Cancellation confirmations need to be confirmed 24 hours before the date/time of service in order to not be charged.


In- School Written Translation Requests

  • Translation Requests can include, but are not limited to School Event Flyers, Letters, Report Cards, Progress Reports, Testing Informations, etc. 

  • Translation requesters should allow at minimum a 2 week delivery date on request, bearing in mind that larger jobs will, correspondingly, take longer to complete (including specific languages). In addition, the return date is based on the number of items in the translation queue.

  • Translation requests should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Any other format submission may not be accepted or may cause delays. 

  • Scanned copies will not be accepted.

  • SICS in-house translation staff will not format documents submitted for translation.

  • Instructional materials i.e. test, quizzes, homework will not be translated.

  • Translation Request should be for “Essential Information” only.

  • With every request, the ESL Coordinator and/or Designee will determine whether the services sought are the most appropriate to fulfill language access and may tailor the request accordingly.